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Price: $200.00

Saturday, May 19, 2018,  9:30AM-12PM.

After 18 years of professional tattooing and achieving worldwide recognition and respect among the tattoo community, Jeff has developed a revolutionary approach to tattooing. Gogue's focus on large scale tattoo projects and full coverage tattooing has brought him an esoteric understanding of the role of tattooers in the lives of their clients. In an intensely revealing presentation. Jeff folds personal insights, practical techniques and spiritual aspects into one powerful experience that helps to crystalize a new level of understanding for the audience. The seminar examines the artist's personal journey in tattooing, from the acquisition of basic skills to the achievement of long-term goals, shares highly effective daily routines, teaches the importance of relating to and serving clients, and ultimately provides a deeper understanding of oneself and the enormous role of the artist in the lives of the people they tattoo. Jeff is proud to be attending and speaking at Tattoo The Lou in May 2018. 


Price: $200.00