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Jose Gonzalez
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Tony Adamson
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Tony Adamson
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Tony Adamson
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Tony Adamson
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Shane Baker
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Jeff Norton
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Jeff Norton
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Jeff Norton
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Jeff Norton

Sharon Lynn

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Bob Tyrrell DVD Method to my Madness for sale!
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Here's where you will find all sorts of information about tattoos. From the latest and greatest tattoo news on the net to the archive of info for people just learning how to tattoo. Check out the links below.

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Bob Tyrrell DVD Method to my Madness for sale!

From TattooNOW 4/15/14

Bob Tyrrell DVD Method to my Madness. The long awaited Bob Tyrrell DVD "Method to my Madness" is now shipping! This DVD is distilled from an 11 hour long marathon webinar Bob gave during his visit to Off the Map Tattoo in Easthampton Mass.

In this in first ever DVD from Bob, he covers in depth, his step by step process of executing a finely detailed and perfectly rendered portrait tattoo. He covers machine choice, setup, needle selection, and ink preference. Here’s your chance to look over the shoulder of a black and grey tattoo master. Gain unprecedented access to Bob Tyrrell’s methods, techniques and best practices.

Included is in this DVD is a comprehensive slideshow taken from Bob’s seminars that he has presented at tattoo conventions across the globe. Bob highlights past work and his reasons for specific choices he made during the creation of those tattoos.

You'll be able to sit in the booth with Bob as he takes you from setup, to photo reference to creating and applying the stencil; followed by a stroke by stroke tutorial of his realistic portrait tattoo style. The camera’s eye is trained on Bob’s needles so you can see the ink going into the skin, so you will truly be able to understand the Method to his Madness.

Buy this DVD today and get access to the full 11hr webinar for free!

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