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Think this sea horse tattoo done by Aaron Kreiss of Ritual Tattoos is totally rad? Want to see it featured as the Tattoo Of The Day winner? Well, give it a big fat 10 and tell your friends to do the same!

Aaron Kreiss - Ritual Tattoo

Hokay, let me back up a bit here - did you even know you could take part in the voting process for our Tattoo of The Day honor? Well, you can and your favorite artists need your help to reach the top spot! It's kind of like the responsiblity Smokey the Bear tried to bestow on us as a kid when he was all like, "Only YOU can prevent forest fires", except less threatening and more exciting and engaging. 

All you have to do is hop our tattoo gallery page, double check the date of a tattoo that catches your eye by  hovering over the image, select the image, and then scroll down until you see the comment section that you can see in the screenshot below. Select the # from the drop down menu that you think the tattoo deserves, (10 being the extra super badassness) and VOILA!, submission success.

Tattoo Of The Day Voting

Want to kill some time and check out the amazing archive of all of our Tattoo of the Day images? Hop over to and feast your eyes on all those beauts. Enjoy and tell your boss they can blame us for the distraction!


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