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John Clark
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Michele Pitacco
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Dennis Wehler

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Nick Baxter: Perception of Being Opening
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Here's where you will find all sorts of information about tattoos. From the latest and greatest tattoo news on the net to the archive of info for people just learning how to tattoo. Check out the links below.

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Nick Baxter: Perception of Being Opening

From TattooNOW 10/30/14

Nick Baxter has an exhibition of new works coming up at Mindzai Creative, an art warehouse and gallery space in Austin, TX. A series of new  9x12 inch oil paintings on board will be displayed for the public to enjoy from November 21 – December 3, 2014. Opening night on Friday the 21st will kick off at 8:00pm and will unveil this brand new series that Baxter has been working on over the last year.  

Perception of Being will display a series of twenty hearts on pure white backgrounds. Each features a unique variation or visual difference that represents one of many complex emotions or states of feeling experienced by human bodies. Conceptually, this series references the philosophical study of phenomenology while also being inspired by modern scientific research into emotion-based changes in the electromagnetic fields generated by the heart. Nick reduces these ideas into a simple and universally recognized symbol in order to describe and document the ephemeral aspects of the human condition.

Also, featured at this show will be Jeff Ensminger's series titled Into the Void that consists of eight acrylic paintings done on paper and wood. These paintings represent three-dimensional black holes, also known as Penrose diagrams. This display of painting have been influcenced by 1970's & 80's science fiction films and literature and explore wormholes and how they connect universes.

Don't miss this debut event, it's guanteed to stimulate both the body and the mind. Both Nick and Jeff will be in attendance, with originals for sale as well as limited edition giclee prints and posters, along with live t-shirt screen printing featuring a design from each of their painting series so don't miss out on this awesome opportunity. 

More about Nick Baxter: Nick Baxter has been tattooing professionally and showing fine artworks since 2000, first in Connecticut, and since 2008 in his new home of Austin, Texas. Known for his innovative approach and color surrealist style in the tattoo medium, he has also gained recognition as a realist oil painter, having exhibited two solo shows at Last Rites Gallery in New York City since 2010, as well as in countless group exhibitions around the country and abroad. More biographical information and a complete CV can be found at or his tattoo-focused website Reach Nick via email:

More about Jeff Ensminger: Jeff Ensminger has been tattooing professionally and showing fine artworks in the Texas area since 2002.  His tattoos and artwork are known for their balance of modern realism and traditional tattooing fundamentals, creating a unique aesthetic sensibility with time-honored craftsmanship. You can view his works at Reach Jeff via email:

Gallery contact:

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