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Flow and Fit - New Tattoo Seminar added to


Reinventing the Tattoo Subscription

We are excited to announce the addition of an important new seminar, Flow & Fit, to the Reinventing The Tattoo curriculum! Flow and fit are at the core of good tattoo design, and such a fundamental part of the discussion of good tattoo drawing that it's the first chapter in the book after the introduction... you'll find the new seminar posted at the end of Page 9. Featuring the work of @guyaitchisonart @meganjeanmorris @coryferguson @burningxhope @philgarcia805 @zhencangtattoo @tymcewen @juan_salgado @russabbott @natebeavers @adamfrance and @shainesmithtattoo, the workshop shows you how to apply strong flowing design strategies to any style of tattooing. Available now in your subscription!

Flow and Fit Seminar

Click HERE for more information!

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New York Empire State Tattoo Expo

07.13.18 to 07.15.18 New York NY 10606

Joshua Nordstrom @ Off The Map Easthampton

08.08.18 to 08.12.18 Easthampton MA 01027

David Vega @ Off The Map Tattoo Easthampton

08.13.18 to 08.17.18 Easthampton MA 01027

Hell City Phoenix

08.24.18 to 08.26.18 Pheonix AZ

Flowerhead @ Off The Map Easthampton

09.23.18 to 09.29.18 Easthampton MA 01027