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Di a logue, Dual seminar with Laura jade and Sam Ford Single Ticket

Price: $275.00 Sale Price: $200.00

Di a logue, Dual seminar with Laura jade and Sam Ford    

Dual seminar day with Sam Ford and Laura Jade at Off The Map Tattoo Grants Pass on Thursday March 17, 2017.

   • price: $275 $200 per person 

    • 2-3 hour seminar by Laura Jade, TITLE: The Jade Effect

    • 2-3 hour seminar by Sam Ford, TBA

    • Time: 10 am-5pm Lunch break at 1 pm. 

    • Q n A 5-6 pm, Social hour after. 

    • Limited seats available.

The Jade Effect:

    This 2-3 hour seminar takes the viewer from Laura’s beginning in India and Thailand learning henna and working as a professional henna artist for the years leading up to her amazing career as a Pacific Northwest tattooer. She shares her struggles and lessons transitioning in the mediums. She will also share some practical design techniques that will be the keys that open the doors for you to apply to your decorative work; be it your main focus or supplemental and complimentary to your subject matter and style. Her story is compelling and her expertise is inspiring to tattooers of all skill levels. Whether you’ve been tattooing for decades or just starting out, this seminar will offer insight, perspective, inspiration, and the tools you’ll need to propel you further into an amazing career in tattooing. I have watched Laura develop this presentation over the last year and I highly recommend anyone in the tattoo field to take this very impacting seminar.
                          -Jeff Gogué

Sam Ford bio:

I've been a tattoo artist for twelve years now, taking over the family business and opening my own studio back in 2008. Over those years, I've had the privilege of tattooing so many beautiful people and my love for tattooing has grown so far beyond what I ever would have imagined in the beginning.                                  Over a decade in and I only now feel that I'm even beginning to grasp what tattooing means to me and to appreciate the journey that it has taken me on. It's now, at this point in our relationship, that I am most excited for what the future holds for us and I feel that I'm ready to give more of who and what I am to tattooing.                                                                                                                                                    Tattooing is an extension of ourselves and I believe that my time in the studio reflects who I am and is an intimate experience between myself and my client. The belief my clients have in me is now propelling my own self belief. With that, I feel like I'm ready to explore and trust in my own creativity more and have the confidence to move away from the realism that I have concentrated on for the last few years.                        I'm eager to push to the next level in my tattoo journey and put all that I've learned so far into creating more personal pieces of art both on and off the skin.

Laura Jade Bio:

In 2005 I began my career as a professional artist, owning and running a small business doing henna based out of Newport, Oregon; a small town on the Oregon Coast.  I was 15 years old and stayed busy doing henna at various festivals, weddings and events around Oregon. I unexpectedly fell into a deep love and connection to ornamental pattern work and completely immersed myself in the art of henna for 4 years. Feeling a drive and ambition to take it further, I moved to Portland, Oregon to start tattooing in 2009. Now, I am just beginning my 8th year of tattooing and the direction things are moving in is really exhilarating.  Since moving from Portland to Grants Pass to work at Off the Map Tattoo NW, I am able and encouraged to focus on my strengths and am now feeling a sense of place in this world of tattooing that I never would have thought possible. The transition from feeling insecure and unsure to feeling capable and a sense of purpose, has cultivated a strong desire in me to want to give back as much as I can to the people around me. Clients, artists, co-workers…we’re all in this together.  I am feeling a momentum building and am eager to flesh it out. (Pun intended:)



Price: $275.00 Sale Price: $200.00
Di a logue, Dual seminar with Laura jade and Sam F