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Decoratif 5/11/2017-5/13/2017

Price: $400.00

Attending Wine Tasting:



An Ornamental event featuring Russ Abbott's color theory seminar and Laura Jade's seminar The Jade Effect. This event will be hosted at Off The Map Grants Pass. Don't miss out on a weekend of knowledge and inspiration.


Featured Artists: 

Jeff Gogue, Laura Jade, Russ Abbott, Clara Sinclair, Savanah Colleen, Clinton Lee, Matt Matik

Schedule of events:
Wednesday night 5/10 7:00-9:00 Pre-register/ meet and greet

Thursday 5/11 9:00-9:30 Registration
                        9:30-10:00 Introduction/Welcome by Jeff Gogue
                        10:00-12:30 Russ Abbott Color Theory Seminar
                        12:30-1:30 Lunch
                        1:30-  4:00 Laura Jade, The Jade Effect
                        4:00-5:00 Q and A/Panel
                        5:00-??  Pizza and socializing at shop

Friday 5/12  10:00-6:00 collaboration day Tattoos and painting collaborations all day in shop.

Saturday 5/13 10:00-12:00 Roundtable discussion at shop reflecting on previous days.
                        12:00-?? wine tasting at local vineyard

Hammer & Chisel: Tools and methods used to craft and refine the decorative tattoo.

Russ Abbott   2-3 hours

In this unique workshop, Russ Abbott will demonstrate the analog and digital design methods used to create an ornamental tattoo design to fit one of the most complex areas on the human body- the neck & throat. As is often the case with complex tattoo designs, there will be hurdles to overcome and some things might get broken, but seeing how another artist solves the difficult problems can be one of the best educational experiences possible. 


Participants will follow along through the entire design process from initial consultation, through design, stenciling, and ending with a discussion of techniques to make the actual tattoo more successful. Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind seminar!

Price: $400.00

Attending Wine Tasting: