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KELLY DOTY It's the Little Things

Price: $125.00

Runtime:2 hours and 3 minutes

In this course we will discuss the full process of true illustrative tattooing. From the prep-work and research, to creating a backstory, character-design and universe for your creation. We will also delve into the more technical aspects of applying the tattoo, including color theory and blending techniques. This is a seminar built on details and why seemingly trivial things are never trivial.

Students can expect to learn why the process of creating a character and universe is so important, and what that means for the continuity of their work. We will also focus on the world of color theory, and the impact it can have on a piece. In addition to color theory, students will learn various techniques for color blending, and overall rendering to make their designs resemble tangible beings. We will finish with a Q & A.

Bring a sketchbook, your preferred pencils, and a great big bag of "excited to learn"! (sorry)

I've been tattooing for 6 years and in that time I have worked to develop not just a style, but a cohesive universe for my tattoos and art to exist in. I typically focus on representing living or sentient creatures in my tattoo work. Often times I give them really big heads and soul-sucking eyes. That's not a mandatory requirement of this seminar, though.

Price: $125.00
Kelly Doty it's the little things webinar