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Lotus Flower Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Trevor Kennedy
untitled Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Chuck Day
Small Butterfly Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Adam Considine
Black Widow Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Chuck Day
Cup of Joe Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Matthew Davidson
Bear Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Gene Coffey
Sunflowers Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Gene Coffey
Rose Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Gene Coffey
majoras mask head dress on woman tattoo Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Frank Ready
Blossoms Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Gene Coffey
Baby owls Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Gene Coffey

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Tattoo Artists - Memphis

Email Memphis
Cat Tattoo
Addison, TX
(972) 387-0990

Having taken an early interest in art from Looney Tunes and drawing for fun, Memphis never considered the possibility of becoming a tattoo artist, even while getting tattooed at the time. He first found a spread of Cleen Rock One's work and then Jimmy Litwalk and Gunner's spreads together in a magazine, and was both impressed and surprised that tattoos could look so good. A piercer friend, Aaron Anderson noticed Memphis's talent while doodling and asked him If he ever thought about tattooing. He hadn't of course, but the idea was planted nonetheless. Memphis found and completed an apprenticeship and has spent the last eleven years professionally tattooing. Some of his other tattooing influences include Ben Reese, and Kevin and Shannon from Ramesses Shadow. Memphis is open to a variety of styles and work but loves to do full color pieces. Memphis is currently at Cat Tattoo in Addison, TX. If you'd like to make an appointment or are interested in his work feel free to send an email in the link provided or drop a line at Cat Tattoo.

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