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Art of Teaching with Nick Baxter and Jeff Gogue

Price: $249.00

Seminar Focus:
Jeff Gogue - Reflecting on years of experience in teaching seminars and workshops, I'd like to share what I've learned, the things to avoid, and the best way I've found to present inspiring concepts that change people's lives. Everyone has something to say. Say it with expertise. 
Nick Baxter - Nick will share stories and personal experiences from his evolution of tattooing into teaching and public speaking within the tattoo industry. Intended as a short introduction into all that it takes to craft a quality tattoo seminar, Nick's talk will touch upon various aspects of the process including finding one's authentic voice, meditation techniques for overcoming stage fright, organizing content and information into a coherent presentation, and more.

Learning outcomes:
Attendees will learn ways to begin developing content for crafting effective speaking presentations. They will leave with several concrete steps to take in beginning their exploration of building, teaching and delivering an impacting presentation. 

NOTE: Attendees should be at a stage in their tattoo career where they are competent and confident in their technical skills, and have established an area of artistic focus. Additionally it will be helpful if they have begun to think about turning their knowledge and specific areas of expertise into teaching opportunities.

About the Instructors:
Nick Baxter has been tattooing professionally since 1999, gaining worldwide recognition for his artistic approach to the craft and his color surrealism style. He has been teaching both tattooing and painting seminars to the tattoo community since 2008, including his conceptually challenging breakdown of his creative process for tattoos, "The Holistic Approach."
Jeff Gogue has been tattooing since 1999, teaching on an international level for years, and presenting workshops and seminars since 2005.

Price: $249.00
Art of Teaching with Nick Baxter and Jeff Gogue