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Monumental art show

Hello everyone, long time since my last update. Been busy with life and such. I just wanted to let everyone know that my friend Kevin Cly is curating an art show at the Tricky Tortoise brewing company in downtown willoughby, Ohio April 28th 11-3 pm. Stop by and check out the awesome art. I'll have 2 paintings available. Thanks for all the support. 

submitted on 04.23.24

Tattoo Stencil Placement: Essential Tips - Jake Meeks

Are you tired of dealing with stencils that barely cling to the skin or bleed into a blurry mess? In this Fireside Archives Episode 12 of Fireside Technique, we've provided essential tips for laying down a clean stencil and making precise placement decisions.

Hosted by Jake Meeks, this episode delves into the nuances of the stencil application process, offering insights into everything from the choice of applicators to the delicate art of dry-fitting the stencil to the client's body.


The Stencil Application Process

Choosing the right stencil applicator is key to successfully transferring from paper to skin. Jake prefers a traditional mix of green soap and water, applied generously for optimal results. Stencil creams offer longevity for intricate designs but require a lighter touch to prevent blurring.


Dry-Fitting the Stencil to the Client

Before committing to the stencil placement, Jake recommends a quick dry-fit to ensure alignment with the body's contours. This step helps identify potential problem areas and allows the stencil to conform to the skin, facilitating a smoother application.


Applying the Stencil

Achieving the perfect stencil application demands moderation and precision. Finding the right consistency is crucial in using soap and water or stencil creams. Jake advises wiping the stencil farther than the design area to avoid unintentional blurring and allowing it to settle for optimal transfer.


Removing an Unwanted Stencil Placement

Need help finding your stencil? Jake recommends using green soap and alcohol for easy removal, leaving behind a faint guide for adjustments. For expert insights and practical advice on mastering stencil placement, tune in to Fireside Technique.


Learn more tips on stencil placement here: 

Tattoo Techniques: Tips for Placing Tattoo Stencils Fireside Technique EP 12


submitted on 04.17.24

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Hell City Tattoo Fest

05.17.24 to 05.19.24

Hyatt Regency- Ohio
Killumbus OH

Reinventing LIVE

06.23.24 to 06.25.24

Red Tree Tattoo
Columbus OH 43219
Reinventing LIVE @ Red Tree!

Rubber City Tattoo Invitational

07.26.24 to 07.28.24

John S. Knight Center
Akron OH 44308

Paradise Tattoo Gathering

10.24.24 to 10.27.24

Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort
Hancock MA 01237
Get ready, Paradise returns to Jiminy Peak!

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