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What is it? a biomech seminar by Markus Lenhard

Price: $225.00

Seminar focus:
By dissecting the question that is as old as the subject matter of biomechanics and abstract art, the seminar will delve into the deeper workings of how one can approach and master this seemingly alien subject matter.

About the instructor:
Markus has been tattooing for 12 years and consides himself deeply rooted and specialized in biomechanic designs. In it’s nature, biomech does not depict any specific, easily understood subject matter and for that reason has to use all kinds of tricks to get just as much attention as imagery of easily recognizable subjects like flowers, faces, lettering, etc. In solving this problem, Markus found a narrative to explain a variety of visual tricks that helped him to capture attention and reward it every step of the way until a strong impression is made.

Price: $225.00