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Black and Grey Seminar Week IN PERSON 4 Pack

Price: $700.00 Sale Price: $550.00

Get all the Black and Grey Week Seminars with one ticket!

Wednesday July 15th, 2015 - Jose Perez Jr.

Don’t miss Jose Perez Jr. detailing the delicate balance of lights and darks mixed with contrasting textures in this exclusive TattooNow webinar.   Tune in as he explains the importance of composition and how to tackle a successful background. Learn what to look for in reference photos and how to mix realism with freehand signature touches. Part of TattooNow's Black and Grey Week at Off the Map Tattoo.

Thursday July 16th, 2015 - Rember Orellana

This Seminar will consist of Rember's approach to color, color theory, detail, composition, skin tones, and dimension. Don't miss this chance to learn from this exceptional artist.

Friday July 17th, 2015 - Bob Tyrrell

Bob Tyrrell will presenting an all new webinar centered around tattooing dog portraits and really nailing fur textures and wet eyes and noses. We'll be pullimg out all the stops with this presentation as we will consolidate the footage into DVD form. 

In this brand new instructional webinar, black and grey master Bob Tyrrell tackles tattooing dog portraits. He'll take on some of the most common challenges of tattooing a realistic dog such as wet noses and eyes and finely textured fur. His last webinar was wildly successful and lasted over eleven hours! Bob is always full of surprises and insight into the craft of tattooing. You'll never know exactly what might happen when Bob Tyrrell is in town.

Sunday July 19th, 2015 - Ralf Nonnweiler

My Seminar will begin with an introduction of how I began painting, moving into painting portraits, then discovering the world of tattoo culture. From there I’ll talk about my early days tattooing and why I chose black and grey. I’ll explain about my technique, including machine choice, needle selection and what I inks I work with. I’ll work through my tattoo process and explain how and why I tattoo the way that I do. Finally I’ll discuss my inspiration, spirit, and what keeps me motivated. Please join me for this in depth technical seminar for working professional tattoo artists. -Ralf Nonnweiler

Price: $700.00 Sale Price: $550.00