Gogue, Baxter, Butcher, Moule, Jade and Lenhard webinars up for replay


Tattooers, we have some new fresh tattoo webinars. Among the highlights of the Paradise tattoo gathering in 2016 was webcasting Markus Lenhard for the first time, as well as three brand new seminars that debuted at Paradise. Check out what we just uploaded:

The Jade Effect - Webinar with Laura Jade: You will learn how to develop a vocabulary of shapes and the process of how to build them to create visually pleasing tattoos. Developing concepts, composition and flow, varying line and choosing and layering patterns. You will learn the process of how to approach freehand drawing on the body and helping bring your client to a feeling of cohesive completion. 

Limit-less - a collaborative tattoo webinar with Jason Butcher and Lianne Moule: Our seminar will focus on what we are doing, how we are doing it but more importantly why we are doing it. We will be explaining our processes from choosing the client all the way through to the finished tattoo. We will explain why we have decided to focus on collaboration tattoos and how this drives everything we do artistically and how other artists could apply this to their own work. 

What is it? A biomech seminar with Markus Lenhard: By dissecting the question that is as old as the subject matter of biomechanics and abstract art, the seminar will delve into the deeper workings of how one can approach and master this seemingly alien subject matter.

The Art of Teaching with Jeff Gogue and Nick Baxter: Attendees will learn ways to begin developing content for crafting effective speaking presentations. They will leave with several concrete steps to take in beginning their exploration of building, teaching and delivering an impacting presentation. 



Paradise Tattoo Gathering Webinars