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Magic Island Tattoo Adventure

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No primeiro dia teremos tres seminarios diferentes com Alex De Pase, Bob Tyrell e Gabriel Ripley. O segundo dia decidimos reunir todos na natureza para fazer arte e para os participantes poderem produzir, beber, conversar e se inspirar em um dia magico e unico. O evento vai ser localizado em um hotel de Florianopolis nos dias 19 e 20 de Fevereiro de 2017. 

Primeiro lote U$350 (Encerra 31 de Março de 2016 as 00:00 hrs)

Segundo lote U$400 (Encerra 31 de Dezembro de 2016 as 00:00 hrs)

Terceiro lote U$450

Alex De Pase

The seminar will deal with an ample range of topics that comprise the tattooing techniques: from the positioning of the tattoo on the body to the use of the most suitable materials, from the preparation of the skin-tone to the achievement of the best skin tints through the mixing of the palette colors, etc.

Alex De Pase seminars 1

Particular attention shall be given to the application of the skin tone and to the over-layering technique, oriented to the achievement, through the application of several layers of color one on top of the other, of a good level of verisimilitude of the original image, obtained thanx to the saturation of the skin color, creation of volumes, lights, shadows and details.

In his last group seminar, Alex was sided by Gabe Ripley, the expert of marketing applied to tattooing, creator of the website TattooNow, developer of more than 100 websites for the most renown artists in the current international scene, as well as owner of the “Off the Map” tattoo studio and deviser of tattoo events such as the “Paradise Tattoo Gathering” and the “Paradise Artist Retreat”, who revealed in his seminar how to set up and establish your own tattoo business. The covered topics help to optimize your own tattoo business, by directing your energies into the art of tattooing and into its potential; in particular, the seminar focuses on defining your mission clearly, determining the keys to success, evaluating the destination market, clientele and competition, analyzing the importance of advertising channels, public relations, human resources management, etc.

During the seminars several topics concerning the art of tattooing, its styles, mentality and techniques are developed.

  • Choice and use of the materials: tattoo machines, colors, needles
  • Selection of the reference picture
  • Assessment of the details: approaching the realistic tattoo, training eyes and mind to perceive and then reproduce as many details, volumes and light effects as possible
  • Stencil preparation
  • Placement on the body-line harmony and proportions
  • Color mixing, choice and preparation of the skin tone and its scales
  • Techniques of color application
  • The skin-tone: over-layering techniques, mid-tone, veiling, shadows and lights
  • Creation of tridimensionality and depth
  • Execution of: eyes, mouth, eyelashes, teeth, hair, details
  • Use of white
  • Tattoo aftercare
  • Mentality, dedication, auto-analysis and critique, technique improvement

Bob Tyrrell
Bob Tyrrell
Bob Tyrrell

Price: $450.00 Sale Price: $350.00