In Loving Memory

Submitted 06.18.24

True...this article is not directly about tattoos.  However, it IS about the ties that bind the community together...tattooed or not.

As many of our community members know, we are HUGE animal lovers and advocates here.  We love to come outside, meet new people, talk to those we now call friends, and greet their canine companions with a treat and some love. Over time, we have come to know who is waiting for us soley by their bark...or their door scratch.  It is something we have truly come to look forward to on any given day. 

That said, there is one girl in particular who holds a special place in our hearts; Kristina.  THE MOST kind-hearted Pitbull we have ever had the pleasure of getting to know.  Her introduction into this world was bitter to say the least, but thanks to the efforts of Second Chance Rescue her luck was about to change.  Her new and forever home was determined when Joy came along.  

Joy opened her heart and home to Kristina, teaching her what it meant to be loved unconditionally.  Kristina could now count on a safe and comfortable place to sleep, a nutritious meal, walks with her favorite human, socialization time, treats, and LOVE.  Consequently, Joy could now count on coming home to her canine companion who showed her the same love and devotion in return.  After nine long years togther, Joy and Kristina developed a bond that will last a lifetime and beyond.

On June 1st, 2024 Kristina's time on this earth came to a close.  Kristina gracefully faced and fought cancer with her most loved human by her side every step of the way.  She made a peaceful transition to the next place, where we would like to believe we will all meet again.

Until that time, we will fondly remember this: A dreary, rainy day made brighter by Kristina stopping at our door with her raincoat on, staring through the window, head cocked, looking in as if she's saying, "Uhmmm...hello! Who cares about the rain!!  I wanna see my people and get my cookies!!!"


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