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10 hours - Brand/SEO Consult and Review

Price: $999.00

10 Hours of Business/Brand/Technical consulting. Book a free consultation to find out more.

In our review of your current website, CRM/Scheduling software, google listings, identity, marketing initiatives, and SEO (Search Engine Optomozition) we'll help you uncover powerful insights you can use to improve your reach & move forward strategically. This can be a useful opportunity for shops and artists that are just starting out, all the way to well-established shops and artists of exceptional influence who may just need SEO work/branding/website refresh.

We can help you get the most out of technology including booking more consultations and appointments, communicating with current clients, promotion and social media, custom video messaging with clients, and even personalized websites that will serve the right content for the visitor - be it a new visitor, an interested prospective tattoo, acustomer, or returning satisfied clients. This is something no other developer is offering tattoo studios! 

This isn't about finding what's "wrong" with your current website, seo, or branding materials, but more about catching "low hanging fruit" and how to refine and better utilize seo best practices, visual tools, and communication techniques to attract, engage, and hold your audience's attention.

By the end of our review and consult with you, our goals are to:

  • See the vision of your business
  • Identify online oppertunities
  • Explore current pain points
  • Create plan to attract the right eyeballs
  • Update online directories with precise studio contact info
  • Creat a weekly checklist for you/your studio.

Have any questions? Book a free consult or call (413) 585-9134

Price: $999.00
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