Suhwan Park



Hello, my name is Suhwan Park. I'm a South Korean tattooer from Seoul. I consider myself an artist, to the core. Although I've found my calling in the tattoo industry, I still enjoy making prints and working with ceramics. The style in which I tattoo is often inspired by the old Korean traditional style of ceramic painting called Onggi. I grew up being mesmerized by the intricate lines of gorgeous shades of blue contrasted against white or brown clay. As an adult, I've gained a new appreciation for this style, as it reminds me of home- I like to incorporate it into my work so that my clients around the world can experience/share this special piece of my heritage. I've appreciated the opportunity to travel the world doing tattoos. In each new place I feel I'm able to give a piece of myself and earn a piece of a new culture. It's really fascinating how culture is reflected regionally through tattoos, making each travel experience within the industry its own unequivocally unique experience. The most important part of cultivating a career in the tattoo world is tenacity- which for me, means an unwillingness to backdown from a challenge, met with the drive to deliver exemplary results. I hope to one day be recognized for my art and the effort I put into what I do.

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