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As a dedicated Yogi, I have lived at a traditional ashram in the western mountains of Maine for the last 26 years. I strive to bring insight and inspiration into my tattoo work that comes from a life dedicated to this ancient spiritual path. Tattoos have always served as rites of passage within most spiritual traditions and within my community. This is how I came into the practice and understanding of the magical world of tattooing. Initially, I started ceremonial tattooing for people within our yoga community, and eventually developed it into a service that could be offered for all peoples of all traditions. This is a very unique approach to tattooing that works with intention, infusing the design and process with this energy and focus. I love to work in a variety of styles, catering to the unique vision of each piece. To me, the world of yoga is infused into everything that I do. Aside from tattooing, I am a carpenter, musician, husband, father of 4, and I run retreats, and pilgrimages for people who are interested in immersive tattoo and Yoga experiences. Aside from running a small private studio in Maine, I can be found in various locations around New England and the west coast. All of the money that is made from the tattooing and other businesses goes directly into the support of our non profit community. Receiving a tattoo can create an outlet for healing and spiritual growth. It is with great joy and humble gratitude that I offer this service to any who are called. Thank-you and I look forward to working with you!

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