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Hello, my name is Donghee Sim, but most of my friends and clients know me as Romo. I'm a tattooer from South Korea. I became interested in tattooing before I was done with high school, so I knew what my career was going to be when I graduated, unlike many of my peers. The man who did my first tattoo became my mentor when it came time for me to start learning. It was his tattoo of Jesus on his forearm that inspired me to get into this line of work. As I fixated on his tattoo, I felt an appreciation for the the way the ink and the skin were both a part of the overall art. I value the individuality of each tattoo, as I do that of each person. I don't believe in putting the same artwork on two different people, which keeps me drawing. As a result, I'm always working on my skill and trying to challenge myself in new ways. I love the culture of the tattoo industry and being a part of a network of artist who are dedicated to this work we do. In traveling, I've seen the ways each community compares with the one I came up in, which is always renewing my perspective on my own career and the world. My life has been enriched by the path I've chosen; I hope to continue moving it forward, growing as an artist and as a human being.

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