My name is Nick Rose. I've been a Professional Tattooist since 2007. Im from Northern Virginia just outside of DC. My career in tattoos started after graduating from VCU in 2006 with a Bachelors in Fine Art. After doing freelance artwork and odd jobs for a few months, I decided to look into tattooing. My strong portfolio and solid work ethic was enough for an apprenticeship at All American tattoo in Stafford, VA. I learned all the ins and outs of the industry, equipment, and most importantly, the importance of sterilization and health standards in a Tattoo environment. I started tattooing about six months into my apprenticeship under the supervision of Ryan Curran. Within a year, I was tattooing full time at All American and was licensed by the state board as a Professional Tattoo Artist. I stayed at all american until an opportunity arose for me to work at Exposed Temptations in Manassas, Virginia. There I got to fine tune my skills and work with great artists from around the world. I stayed at Exposed until 2014 when I decided to move south to a slower paced life. I moved to Fredericksburg Virginia and joined the crew of the Bowery Tattoo Company.  Here I got to focus on my own personal style and technique. At the Bowery I got to build close friendships with both coworkers and clients alike. Now, I'm excited to be moving down south (a little further this time) and relocating to Charleston, South Carolina! I have experience in all styles of tattooing but my passion lies in bright and bold American traditional tattoos. I love American traditional tattoos that stand the test of time through the use of bold lines, heavy black shading, and bright bold colors! I'm looking forward to planting my roots in Charleston and of course meeting all of you!  And I'm beyond stoked to be working with such a solid crew here at broken lantern tattoo!