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My name is Kihwan Kim, I'm a tattooer from Seoul, South Korea. I can't remember a time in my life that wasn't in some way defined by my involvement in art. For me, fashion and tattooing go hand in hand; I see them as the predominant means of self-expression in the twenty-first century and yet, they're both timeless. It makes me proud to represent Asian culture by incorporating oriental styles into the tattoos I do. I started in this industry younger than most but have remained driven by the sense of accomplishment I feel each time I satisfy a client. Customer interactions and the social aspects of tattooing were the driving influence in my decision to pursue this career. I take tattooing very seriously. Unlike with other art forms, a mistake I make will be carried with someone for the rest of their life. I take a lot of pride in the work I put into the world. It's important for any artist, regardless of experience or skill, to continue growing and challenging themselves in their craft so they never lose their sense of humility. I believe that my perseverance and adaptiveness are the attributes that drive my success in life, especially in my career. 

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