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Decoratif Seminars ON DEMAND

Price: $200.00


Decoratif 2017 was a 2-day ornamental and decorative tattoo summit hosted at Off The Map in Grants Pass, Oregon that featured presentations from Russ Abbott, Laura Jade and Jeff Gogué.

The reviews from the event were amazing, you can check out Instagram coverage from the event at and follow the event's official Instagram at

The Decoratif 2017 Webinar includes:

  • Russ Abbott presents "Hammer & Chisel: Tools and methods used to craft and refine the decorative tattoo."

In this unique workshop, Russ Abbott demonstrates the analog and digital design methods used to create an ornamental tattoo design to fit one of the most complex areas on the human body- the neck & throat. As is often the case with complex tattoo designs, there will be hurdles to overcome and some things might get broken, but seeing how another artist solves the difficult problems can be one of the best educational experiences possible. 
Running time: 1 hour 45 minutes

  • Laura Jade presents "The Jade Effect"

This presentation takes the viewer from Laura’s beginning in India and Thailand learning henna and working as a professional henna artist for the years leading up to her amazing career as a Pacific Northwest tattooer. She shares her struggles and lessons transitioning in the mediums. She will also share some practical design techniques that will be the keys that open the doors for you to apply to your decorative work; be it your main focus or supplemental and complimentary to your subject matter and style. Her story is compelling and her expertise is inspiring to tattooers of all skill levels. Whether you’ve been tattooing for decades or just starting out, this seminar will offer insight, perspective, inspiration, and the tools you’ll need to propel you further into an amazing career in tattooing.
Running time: 1 hour 30 minutes

  • Jeff Gogué presents “Less Is More"

After more than seventeen years of tattooing, Jeff has developed a fundamental approach to the design, layout, and execution of predominantly large scale work. Jeff will be sharing his invaluable insights in a brand-new two-hour presentation. From showing the key starting points, to essential next steps, and ultimately the creative paths for making dynamic, impacting tattoos. Jeff will explain in detail how to use modern technologies harmoniously in combination with timeless composition techniques in order to bring you and your client together in a deeper understanding of what it means to work with the body as a whole. This is a culmination that will bring you to the new era of tattooing. 
Running time: 2 hours 20 minutes

Price: $200.00
Decoratif Webinar Replay