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David Allen Technology and Tattooing

Price: $99.00

On Demand. Originally recorded August 10, 2015



I’m excited to open up and reveal my process before the actual tattooing. Before tattooing, I was a screen printer, internet and print designer for Atlantic Records, and an art director of HM Magazine.


My foray into technology has helped my tattoo career exponentially!

I’ll go over a ton of options I’m messed with. Some work for me, some don’t. But we all have our own methods. Using Photoshop, apps, filters, 3D programs, tablets and cameras, I’ve streamlined an efficient process for tattoo stencil preparation.


I tend to use reference, so I’ve cut down my prep time to less than 10 minutes. I spend the majority of my time actually tattooing and drawing in the skin. When I don’t use reference, I still draw at night (of course), but using technology, I’m able to edit quicker and print a stencil directly off of my sketch.


More than anything else, printing a stencil has changed everything for me. I’ve spent two years working with one, so I’m going to divulge what a portable thermal printer can do and what it can’t. 



My retention rate is super high. Everyone told me so, but I didn’t notice. Once I looked back, I started asking my clients why. I also asked other people’s clients. Why not? I’d like to share you with the results of what keeps a client.


I’ll also sneak in some tips for those looking for clientele. If you work is solid and quality, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be booked. I have some quick steps that had me booked in a matter of three weeks. 

Price: $99.00