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Rember Orellana color theory, detail, composition, skin tones, and dimension

Price: $150.00

This Seminar consists of Rember's approach to color, color theory, detail, composition, skin tones, and dimension. Don't miss this chance to learn from this exceptional artist. 


Born in Guatemala, and later moving to the U.S. to attend High School, a career as a Tattoo Artist was something that I had never anticipated. Before I started tattooing, I was an amateur boxer for two years, and an avid wrestler for six years.  I've always had a love for art, and have always enjoyed drawing and painting. It wasn't until 2007 that some friends of mine suggested that I get into the tattoo industry. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to some really great artist in the beginning, whom I would watch very closely, and feel that I learned a lot from. Although I have had no formal apprenticeship, being around this group of people really motivated me to strive to reach the next level. I quickly learned the basics of tattooing, how to put together and take apart the tattoo machines, what kind of ink to use, what kind of needles to use, etc. I attended a few private art classes. That really helped me to understand more of the artistic side of this industry. I would describe my style as surrealistic/gothic. My style involves a lot of realism, but I like to incorporate different abstract elements to my work, mainly gothic architecture. I love it when a client comes to me with a basic idea, but is open for me to incorporate my own ideas and style. I am based out of Dallas, Texas, but I try to travel and do as many shows and guest spots as I can. In my spare time I enjoy drawing, painting, traveling and spending as much time as I can with my wife and two children.

Price: $150.00