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Price: $19.99

guy aitchison jeff gogue collaborationGuy Aitchison and Jeff Gogue come together for this unprecedented tattoo event. Over the course of a full day they create a large collaborative sleeve tattoo that includes both traditional Japanese elements and some more modern techniques and effects. This is an amazing opportunity for you to sit in on a unique project. Questions were asked from the chat room and from Off the Map LIVE host Ben Licata.

  • Over 9 hours!

  • Amazing stories

  • Great advice

  • Inspiration

  • Wisdom

  • Wackiness

If you have ever wanted to sit in on a full day with these two masters, here's your chance! 

This webcast was open to the public, and no technical secrets we're revealed. 

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Price: $19.99
Gut Aitchison Jeff Gogue Collab