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Utilize Dotwork and Stippling For Less Skin Trauma In The Tattoo

Utilize Dotwork and Stippling For Less Skin Trauma In The Tattoo

“Do kind of a whipped stipple, like you’re doing a light gray wash. Like your lightly working off the tip of the needle and brushing the skin”

- Jake Meeks

This stippling technique stands out for its forgiving nature, enabling tattooers to gradually build texture and values with minimal skin trauma. The method is characterized by its low impact, causing almost no redness or bleeding when executed correctly. 

This approach involves a whipped stipple or raking movement, akin to applying a light gray wash, delicately working off the needle's tip and brushing the skin. You can also try scumbling or quickly making little circular movements in small areas to achieve similar effects with a different sort of pattern.

Stippling effect on skin

The result is a remarkably consistent stippled look, offering a distinctive texture to the tattoo. The precision of working off the needle's tip allows for meticulous dot work and texture creation without compromising the skin.

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Tattoo Techniques: Dotwork Trick Faster and More Efficient Stippling 3 Minutes to Better Tattooing

submitted on 01.17.24

Tattoo Marketing - How to get more tattoo clients without Social Media

Are you a tattoo artist or studio owner ?? looking for more clients or busy but still need to build your perfect clientele? Tired of being less visible on social media and wondering how to get more tattoo clients? Discover (or RE-discover) a vital strategy ?? to enhance your online presence and attract more tattoo clients. I bet you are NOT doing this (let me know in the comments!) What's Inside This Video: ?? Unveiling a Key Strategy: Learn one of the "Dependable Dozen" tattoo business management tactics that can keep you busy year-round. ?? Boosting Online Presence: Understand the difference between search engines and social media, the mindset behind the users, and how they impact your business. Main Takeaways: ?? The Underutilized Opportunity: Most artists aren't leveraging this simple yet effective technique to attract tattoo clients. ?? The Role of Social Media: Exploring how social media platforms can both help and hinder your business growth. ?? Optimizing for Search Engines: How focusing on search engine optimization (SEO) can lead to more consistent client traffic. ?? Routine Matters: Why routine updates to your Google Business profile can be more effective than social media posts. Specific Topics Covered: ?? Marketing Tattoos Effectively: Innovative tattoo promotion and advertising ideas to stand out. ?? Getting More Tattoo Clients: Proven tactics and routines for steady client flow. ?? Social Media vs. Search Engines: Understanding their distinct roles in tattoo shop promotions. Essential Tips: ?? Google Business Listing: Update this before social media for better client engagement. ??? Content Matters: Regularly update your business listing with high-quality tattoo images and relevant links!). ?? Engagement is Key: Interact with your audience on social platforms but prioritize search engine visibility. ?? The Power of Tattoo Booking Apps & Software: Enhance your tattoo studio's efficiency and client management. Conclusion: This video isn't about quick fixes but a core routine for building a sustainable clientele in the modern tattoo industry ??. For more in-depth knowledge, explore the "Dependable Dozen" series, offering time-tested methods for thriving in the tattoo business. ?? Don't Forget: Like, share, and subscribe if you find this strategy useful, and dive into the comments to share your experiences or ask questions! Extra Resources: [?? Click Here ] for the TattooNOW Business Suite Tour. [?? Watch More] Explore other videos in the series for comprehensive growth strategies. [?? Leave a Comment] Your feedback helps refine these methods and supports the community! ?? Question for You: Are you updating your Google Business listing before your social media? Let us know in the comments! Please comment, subscribe and share videos you enjoy! Follow Us: Instagram: @TattooNOW_Dot_Com 00:00 Introduction 05:35 The $%&^ing Algorithms 07:57 Social Media vs Search Engines 17:13 Uploading tattoos in the right order 19:27 Tattoo Marketing Software

submitted on 01.05.24

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