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By Conan Lea

Voluta Tattoo
212 West 10th Street
Indianapolis IN, 46202

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This breathy piece was drawn on with markers and then tattooed. The collector is a massage therapist and Reiki energy worker, and wanted to embody the lightness and ethereal imagery of the ancient chakras on the meridian of her spine. We did consider putting each of the chakras on her body in their anatomically correct positions, but since they range in location from the top of the head down to the knees, and plenty of special places in between, we decided the spine would be more than acceptable.

We tattooed over multiple sessions so that we could ensure the lightness of the inlay. After wearing it for a few years, the collector decided to add another layer of saturation to make the piece brighter and more vivid, and will soon do another small session on it so her piece can reflect the amazing technological advances in the tattoo pigment industry. It will be fun to put some of the newer types onto her skin.

This collector is an amazing person with a beautiful spirit, strong heart, and clear, wide-open mind. I like to think that the tattoo is a totem to remind her of what she intends to be.

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