Conan Lea



Tattooing since 1999. I founded Voluta Tattoo in Indianapolis, Indiana in 2006. Built the shop to educate Indy in the way of custom tattoo, an appointment only set up with no open door and no phone. Lots of drawing, painting and illustration classes augment my learning through the Paradise Artist Retreats, through World Wide Tattoo Conferences and many semars at conventions. I usually attend 3-5 shows per year, now kicking that up to 8-10 per year, including international shows.


Indianapolis is not the hot edge of tattoo collectorship, but it won't be long. Indiana is blowing up and I like being in the midst of it. To date I have taken just about any style a client requests as my own chance to learn and experiment. Thus my portfolio is diverse and almost wonky with variety. I strive for solid technique, careful attention to edge and the value of color. I strive for impossilbly smooth gradients, large areas of negative space and a variety of flowing dimensions. Most people think my work is done by a lady. That's ok with me. 



I will be moving my works into a more open style, with less masses of intense detail. I am turning down most pieces that seem just...done. Overdone even. The works are valid and mean much to collectors but I intend to shake it up a bit. I am confident that a client will always be in my chair so I think it is my responsibilty to push our craft, to push the clients to give themselves a wonderous creation. I look forward to 2013-2014 for the crazy lineup of artists that I will be studying under and among. My ability and vision will surely expand. 


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