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By Conan Lea

Voluta Tattoo
212 West 10th Street
Indianapolis IN, 46202

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This client waited two years to get this tattoo from me. After all her patience, I was nervous that I would not be able to uphold her hopes for the piece.

Her central theme was one of each of the four elements rolling down the side of her body from shoulder to hip. The challenge was to hide an existing tattoo while keeping to the theme and the soft style she was hoping for.  Given that desired softness, with strokes both light and whimsical, there was no chance of creating a heavy piece to hide the old tattoo.

She came from Chicago to Indianapolis, about a three hour drive, over a one year period. She was kind, patient, collaborative, and tough! She will soon travel the world on her own and I'm excited to be part of her as she evolves.

This piece was chosen for the cover of an article at a local newspaper that highlighted my studio and career. This collector is now a striking local figurehead of the elegance of tattoo possibilities in Indianapolis. I am grateful for all she has put into me.

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