Comma Korean Tattoo Artist Kim Dohyun

Comma is a tattooer with a clear unique style. His style of tattoo is instantly distinguishable from other tattooers, and the world class quality of his tattoo designs is matched with intense technical application. Comma has been making waves in the tattoo world, and is currently sponsored by Radiant Colors and Helios. Even though he is based in Seoul Korea, Comma is sought after all over the world and is extremely popular in London. If you are seeking work from Comma, contact him directly to get on the wait list asap. 

Comma tattoo - Korea's best tattoosCom  
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Graycode Tattoo More world class Korean Tattoos

Graycode Tattoo artistgraycode korean tattoo artist graycode tattoograycode tattoo

graycode tattoo

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Mark Cooper King of Death Metal Art

Interview by: Kyle Bernstein

Q: What was your early art career like?

A: I always wanted to make huge paintings, and that's what I started off doing once I got out of prison, yet at the time when I was starting out, it wasn't practical in my situation. I was fresh out of prison after 7 years. I was living with a friend in New Smyrna and on probation. I needed to pay rent and probation fees, and no one around the area was hiring. So, I basically threw myself out there onto the internet as a freelance artist. At the time I had no professional experience other than making art in prison. I had the idea to make art for metal bands since I’ve been into metal for so long and that's the typ ... Read More »

Jose Baena Columbian Tattoos Interview

Any tips for tattoo collectors about how to get the best tattoos possible?

for me it is very important that the client knows your work in advance so that he knows what he can get about me and my graphic line, because can you find a lot of artists but is really important to get a good feeling and connection to make in collaboration a good art piece, be patient and try to create a good concept and idea, because create a special design with all elements that represent your idea is the most important, but to get it we need work together on it and let work to the artist too in your proposal, for it you chose his work, another good tip is what can you do before of your tattoo day, things like to keep hydrating your skin and body one week or two weeks before, eating ... Read More »

6 of the worlds best realistic tattoos from Korea

One of the world's oldest arts has been growing uncontrollably as it’s outlaw classification has been revoked, and now tattooing is mainstream in many parts of the world. This art is enabling people to become who they want to become when the tattooer is producing a great tattoo and experience. Because of the unique nature of tattoos, it is not something to be taken lightly, and excelling at it required an artist with a unique drive to create perfect art in an imperfect medium, skin. Access to the public’s growing hunger for tattoos and continued educational opportunities that have emerged have allowed tattooing to explode everywhere it is legal, and the effects are clearly visible. 

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My neck tattoo got me hired Not fired hired

By Gabe Ripley

June 22, 2015

At the risk of encouraging people who don't know themselves or art getting highly visible tattoos, my neck tattoo didn't get me fired, it got me hired. Now, clearly bad neck tattoos are devastating mistakes that have lifetime repercussions, but for me it is tough to read all the news headlines about people who have made bad neck tattoo decisions without responding with my story of how tattoos can be empowering to a professional career.

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Larry Brogan July 2006

Off the Map was thrilled to host the world traveling Larry Brogan last week and the beautiful tattoos he cranked out during his stay made our clients very happy campers! True to his wide range of talents, Larry did a bit of everything during his stay, but by far the standout pieces included a phenomenally detailed and colorful dragonfly, and an all day session on a sleeve chest/piece. The dragonfly piece landed in Larry’s lap through an interesting twist of fate. The client had not been tattooed in 18 years, but had received his first in Lockport, IL, coincidentally Larry’s home base. Seeing his impending arrival at Off the Map inspired him to get tattooed again, this time in his current residence, the happy Valley. After a bit of research, the client brought in a few images ... Read More »

Luca Natalini October 2006

Subject: RE: Interview questions
Date: September 29, 2006 2:35:57 AM EDT
To: Allright Gabe ,it takes me for ever to write in a decent shape in english so take it easy,with the questions:-) First up, the easy questions. When did you start drawing and did you have any formal training? I started when i was a kid,my dad helped me approaching to it,he used to oil paint back then ,so the smell of turpentine and oil pigments is in my first memories.In that period I was also tought by my dad the basics of guitar,very basics him being a bass guitar player.I ve always being divided between this two passions alternating them was a kind of need.After that early approach I kept studying and try to improve but I was lacking con ... Read More »

Nick Baxter 2006 August

Interview with Nick Baxter by Aly E. 1. When a client approaches you for work, what do you typically look for in their ideas that can serve as a basis of the piece you will ultimately design?
I try to look for the essence of what they are explaining to me…the feeling and the mood and the meaning behind all the words they are using. If I can get into their head that way, If I can understand where they are coming from rather than ‘merely waiting for my turn to speak’ then the artwork will usually develop from there in a natural, intuitive fashion, with mutually agreeable results. This part of the process has little or nothing to do with art or tattooing and everything to do with human relations and communication skills.
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