Hypercast #1 Fine art in the tattoo world with guests Durb Morrison and Mike Cole


Blast from the past! Hypercast Episode # 1. 

Join Guy and Michele for Hypercast 1 featuring Durb Morrison and Mike Cole. In addition to being a tattooist, Durb is known for putting on one of the best attended and reputable conventions Hell City. He discusses the importance of including and encouraging tattooists to paint and draw at the shows and other projects he is involved in and how it effects the industry. Mike discusses his personal experiences working in a second medium and how it has enriched his tattoo art and beyond. Also featured in this Hypercast are questions from the audience and a brief tattoo review of audience submissions, including a submission from the Legendary and hugely influential Filip Leu. Filip's Japanese inspired large scale body work is legendary and his critique submission is sure to surprise those familiar with his work.