Choosing a Tattoo Color Palette | 3 Minutes to Better Tattooing with Jake Meeks


By Jake Meeks

Topics: Tattoo Techniques, Color Theory, 3 Minutes to Better Tattooing, large scale tattoo, Tattoo Color Palette, analogous Color Palette

 “The client decides he wants to do it massive and use the bulk of his stomach for the tarantula. So that really changes its relationship with the existing tattoo.”

–  Jake Meeks


The Dilemma

Today on 3 Minutes to Better Tattooing, we're focusing on the significance of having a basic understanding of color theory. 

Something to consider when going back into existing pieces is to step back for a minute or two to really see what’s working and what you could really expand on. Maybe there’s a section you really think is working well, but maybe you see a problem that’ll need to be tackled at a new angle because of what your client wants to add to the design.

We’ll be touching on how you can prepare yourself for future decisions, and more specifically, we'll be discussing complementary and analogous colors and how you can use these two palettes for different purposes. So let's get started!

The Tattoo We're Working With
Coverup and Rework Tattoo

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Choosing a Tattoo Color Palette | 3 Minutes to Better Tattooing

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