Tuesday Feelings with Ricardo Sturdivant Ep #51

Submitted 07.05.22
"I am looking forward to having everyone who wants to join to come in open minded and ready to hang out and go over and share some ways that I have learned to perceive shapes, value, light and shadow. We will also be going over some motivational aspects of life and art and where I see them merging in this moment we're in. And some other fun things like movies and music. So please all skill levels are welcome. For everyone that has been having doubt about joining in on the zoom sessions, please, understand that in order to grow in our artistic endeavors, our lives, and as humans we need to take that first step. I have been there myself and still am. This is another reason I am happy to be contributing to this community. It's a very welcoming environment to allow this process. So just jump in"! -Ricardo Sturdivant