Tom Strom Technique Talk

Submitted 11.25.23

Inside Fireside Tattoo Club

Technique Talk with Tom Strom 

11/29 7 pm CST


You Never Know What Might Pop-Up In Tattooing

[44:07]  “I was just doing the same thing all the time, as tattooers we’re all doing the same thing. Painting, making prints, shirts, etc. I wanted to find something challenging that people weren’t doing, and pop-ups have been way more challenging than tattooing by a landslide”

— Tom Strom

Diving into different mediums and styles as an artist is like embarking on a thrilling adventure where you never quite know what lies around the corner. It's a reminder that creativity knows no bounds and that there are infinite ways to express yourself. 

tom strom pop-up book creepy deer head skeleton

Whether you're a painter experimenting with digital art, a sculptor trying your hand at ceramics, or a graphic designer exploring traditional illustration, each new venture enriches your artistic repertoire. It's not just about adding tools to your toolbox; it's about embracing the joy of continuous learning and self-discovery, ultimately fueling your passion for art and inspiring others along the way.

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