Tips for Shading Color Tattoos

Submitted 02.02.23

by Jake Meeks – 

Topics: Tattoo Techniques, Shading, Color Tattoo, Fireside Techniques, 

When you see a color tattoo, you may not think much about the underlying value structure, but organizing the major dark and light shapes before getting into color is crucial for the tattoo to read well and last a long time in the skin

In this episode of Fireside Technique, we’re diving into the beginnings of a color sleeve by blocking in the dark and light shapes first. Hopefully you will pick up a few tricks and techniques that will provide a solid foundation for your tattoo before laying down any color at all.













I’m not trying to overly render it, I’m just quickly going from dark to skin tone.”
- Jake Meeks

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Tips for Shading Color Tattoos 

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