Tattooing Hands and Knuckles

Submitted 04.10.24

Consistency In The Inconsistency, Simplify For Tattooing Knuckles

“If I were to lay a couple of those suckers up on his hand where they’re gonna hold really well and then one or two of them on his knuckle they would fade inconsistently. Where as if I place them all on the knuckles and they happen to fall out, then they will fall out the same”

- Jake Meeks

Since knuckle and finger tattoos have a tendency to fade quickly we’re starting off by strategically laying out the focus of the design on the upper hand. Emphasize attention to areas like the back of the hand where you’ll have the least amount of effort, optimal detail, and the most retention over time. 


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Tattoo Techniques: Tips for tattooing Hands and Knuckles Fireside Technique EP 20

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