Separated Styles, Traditional Tattooing vs Hyper-Realism Painting - Tom Strom andf Jackee Sandelands

Submitted 09.17.23

Separated Styles, Traditional Tattooing vs Hyper-Realism Painting

[25:56] “I’m going completely against what I paint and just trying to do traditional tattoos, because I do want it to be absolutely fun and different from what I do on a normal basis.”

— Jackee Sandelands

As an artist, it's important to mix things up now and then. Trying out various mediums and styles can be a real game-changer. When you dabble in different materials and techniques, you're not just expanding your creative toolkit, you're also spicing up your artistic journey. It's like taking a detour on the road to inspiration, and sometimes those detours lead to the coolest discoveries.

Jackee Sandelands American Traditional Tattoos, Rubber hose lion, eyeball spider, whiskey drink

Experimenting with new styles is like giving your creativity a breath of fresh air. You might be surprised at the incredible ideas that emerge when you step out of your comfort zone. Plus, being a versatile artist means you can connect with a wider audience and show off the many facets of your creative spirit.

Some artists that work in a very highly detailed realistic style might benefit from something a bit more loose or abstract. Conversely an artist that draws in a very fun illustrative style might dive into something more realistic or concrete.  It's about embracing the ever-changing nature of art and finding beauty in every twist and turn of your creative journey.

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