Richmond Tattoo and Arts Academy


On October 1st Jesse Smith is hosting the 2018 Richmond Tattoo and Arts Academy. 6 of the industry’s top Artists will inspire and talk about the tricks and tips that have helped them get to where they are today. The goal of the Academy is to create an environment where artists of all different stages in their careers can learn and be inspired by some of the best the art world has to offer.

The classroom is filling up with awesome tattooers from around the nation. Register today!

Phil Garcia is one of the most amazing Tattoo Artists in the world and is known for his photorealistic roses.

Jose Perez Jr. is one of the top Black and Gray Tattoo Artists in the industry and is known for his unique process.

Dave Koenig is not only an amazing Tattoo Artist, he is also a prolific Painter who’s developed his own unique personal style.

Gia Rose is most recognized for being an Ink Master Angel, but her talent lies in her signature contemporary Traditional tattoos.

Gary Villarreal is a Concept Artist and Illustrator known for his unique mark making techniques and his inspiring imagination.

Eliza Ivanova is an Artist and Animator for Pixar Studios, she is known for her work on Coco, Inside Out, Monsters University and Brave.

Register for the Richmond Tattoo & Arts Academy here.

Richmond Tattoo and Arts Festival & Academy