Looking to the Medical World for tattoo tips!

Submitted 03.26.23

Looking to the Medical World for tattoo tips!

There are other instances in which needles are designed to cause the smallest amount of injury feasible. The hypodermic needle, for example, is intended to rapidly and painlessly slide into the skin. 

A hypodermic needle has a chamfered or beveled tip. The needle gets finished through beveling, which adds a sharp point to the tube by creating an angle on the surface. The bevel angle allows the needle to puncture the skin while reducing the amount of trauma.

hypodermic needle tip

There are two main types of bevels used for hypodermic needles.The short bevel has a tip angle of 30-45 degrees. Then, the long bevel’s tip angle is from 12-15 degrees. Outside of those two categories, there are other specific types. The lancet bevel provides the sharpest point for a hypodermic needle. It features a 15-degree tip angle. The more extreme the angle is the sharper and less traumatic it is to the skin, leading to greater suction and greater tattoo ink saturation.

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