Improve Quality & Extend Life of Old Tattoos by Pushing Contrast - Jake Meeks

Submitted 02.19.24

Improve Quality & Extend Life of Old Tattoos by Pushing Contrast

“In 5, 10, 20 years how much of that red pulls back out? How much will the darks in the turtle kind of mute out? Does the turtle fall back in the distance? Only time will tell.”

- Jake Meeks

Everyone knows that when you do these types of reworks or cover-ups seeing it fresh can be a bit deceiving. Generally you’re going to be able to bump something up or back about 10-20% at a pass so just be aware that when you’re diving back into old tattoos that what the client walks away with isn’t necessarily going to stay that vibrant or fresh. Sometimes colors will push back forward like really warm reds, so reworks can take a little bit of extra time to really push those elements into a better direction.

six months healed

It’s always good to make sure you’re in good contact with the client to get updated pictures so that you can see what might need a little more attention. Even if you do get the chance to jump back in and really do some finishing adjustments, be aware that you might only get about a 50-60% difference in the final result.

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