Gordo Letters Guesting in NYC at No Idols Tattoo


Gordo Letters will be at No Idols Tattoo in Chinatown NYC from March 6 - 14 2020. Book your appointments asap! Check out this video from Tattoo Cultr

"Gordo Letters, on the road calligraphy tattoo artist, on organic tattooing and looking beyond shapes

Gordo Letters is one of the most sought after calligraphy tattooer in today's date, and yet his work is everything but calligraphy. From nature to architecture, his tattoos and art is inspired by his travels and surroundings, and then simplified to a version that narrates multiple tales visually. In this conversation, Shubham Nag (co-founder of TC) stitches questions for Gordo that try to engage the self beyond the mirages of surface level tattoo talks. The video has been filmed by Sahil Guraya, and edited by Eika, aka Omair Quadri." - Tattoo Cultr