Finding the Right Clients | Teresa Sharpe | EP 247

Submitted 01.31.23

By Jake Meeks —

Topics:  Tattoos, Tattoo Clients, Tattoo Design, Client relationships, Tattoo design, Tattoo Backpiece, Small Tattoo, Large tattoo, Tattoo Design Process, Making a list of Tattoo Idea

In Part 2 of the Fireside “Illustrative Series” Jake brings you Teresa Sharpe and her wide and insightful thoughts on building the client base you want, designing “in the round” and the importance of background to bring your piece together, and so much more. 

Teresa Sharpe has changed the client relationship fundamentally. Instead of working with clients to bring their ideas to the skin, Teresa creates her own narratives and finds the right client to bring her ideas to life. 

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Finding the Right Clients | Teresa Sharpe | EP 247