Cooper - Tattooing Terminology Is A Mess!

Submitted 06.06.23

Tattooing Terminology Is A Mess!

[1:03:59] “It’s the Manufacturers, to no fault of their own because they’re in business. But they’re very often catering towards fun verbiage and terminology. Things can get ass backwards if somebody doesn’t have conversations about exactly what they need and bring it back to center.”

— Cooper

Over the years, naming conventions for tattoo equipment and general terminology have undergone significant changes. The lack of a true consensus on vocabulary has resulted in communication challenges between machine and equipment manufacturers and the tattooers who use them. Often, manufacturers would simply come up with something that sounds interesting or marketable, leading to confusion and a lack of shared understanding among industry professionals.

Consider the example of professional musicians, doctors, or scientists. When they engage in conversation, their dialogue may sound like a foreign language to outsiders, and technically, it is. They utilize specific terms and structures to convey complete ideas, enabling them to communicate succinctly with one another. With the advent of social media, many tattooers are now adopting this approach, identifying the most commonly used terms and silently agreeing on their definitions. While this is a positive development, having an industry-wide set of standardized terms would be immensely beneficial in bridging the gap between the needs and desires of practitioners and manufacturers.

Establishing a common language within the tattooing community would facilitate clearer communication, enhance collaboration, and streamline the exchange of ideas and requirements. It would foster a more efficient and productive relationship between practitioners and manufacturers, leading to advancements and innovations


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