Hey everyone my name is Steven Cornicelli. I was born in Maryland and grew up on Long Island and moved here to Florida in early 1996. At 18 I received my first very small and I mean small scorpion tattoo after that I was hooked. I have been into art and drawing since I can remember, mostly comic book style. I also attended SUNY Farmingdale, for Art and the Art Institute for Media Art. After that first tattoo I recieved I knew Tattooing was something I had to do but alas, in the eighties tattooing in NY was still very taboo and hush-hush. Almost ten years later after lots of trial and error I broke through because of misfortune. In 1996 my misfortune turned into fortune, I brought my portfolio to a shop out on 19 called Black Diamond and I apprenticed for the owner Ron, for about 6 months, I traced, made needles, and cleaned toilet bowls...then I tattooed. I broke into the tattoo industry and have been tattooing ever since. I also  worked for Lou's Tattoos on the corner of 4th and Gandy for 15 years as the "Milkman". I have been praticing the Tattoo Arts for 20 years. My style is versatile but realism and portrait work are my preference. I hope you enjoy my portfolio and when your ready for your New Tattoo I'll be here waiting. You can also see a lot of my art on Instagram @Steven cornicelli or @Milkman_tattoos_and _art,