Keki Tattoos

Hey there everyone!

My name's Keki and I come from the garden state, New Jersey.




I've always had a knack for the arts, ever since I was a very young child whether it be drawing, sculpting, painting; every medium seemed to come naturally to me.

Finally,  the art I truly found my PASSION and EXPERTISE in is the art of tattooing; everything takes practice to become great and this is where I decided to fully hone in my skills as an artist.


I believe respect is a large part of my industry both on my end and the client's end. 


No tattoo will go un-cherished, everyone matters equally in my books!

When it comes to my work you can expect ♦PERFECTION♦ simply because I wouldn't want to give you anything less than what you deserve; which is the best.

Modifying your body to express your inner self is a goal I've held very dear to myself all growing up. The world we live in is compressed with shame and judgment; I believe in that fresh breath of air and an inner peace that you are happy with who you have chosen to be.

As an artist since the beginning of my adventures into the world of tattoo art, it seemed there were too many individuals worried about what another would think about what they put on THEIR VERY OWN body.

Lets start with this, feel free to be yourself when we talk, feel free to share your thoughts, be particular and ALWAYS feel comfortable; I am here to give you your vision in the most artistic fashion and we can only do that by collaborating my professional expertise and your thoughts and ideas!


Through my experiences in life, hate will kill our world and I'm determined to spread the love, understanding and kindness. Treat others, how you wish to be treated  <3