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I'm Soma Zöld, and I had been working in the tattoo industry since 2008. Because the drawing and the painting were always close to me, I get an opportunity, thanks to my parents, to learn the way of the painting from a gifted Hungarian painter, Mihály Bakonyi. At the end of my high school years I started much more seriously in the tattoo industry. 2 years later I worked the first time in a tattoo studio, called Stinger's Tattoo, in Budapest. I like to do tattoos in all kind of styles but I prefer much more the realism and colour works. For the tattoo design I support the customers always with my personal opinion and I try to get out the best of the idea, to make the tattoos individually for them.

At the time I am working in Budapest, Switzerland and Italy. If you're interested in my artwork and you wanna get a tattoo from me, than contact me on this side via E-Mail.

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