Being raised in a small town is usually not the best environment to grow a creative mind however I found it was the best thing that could have happened to me. I developed much of my artistic style getting yelled at by teachers as I scribbled on the back of tests and the margins of notebook paper.

I never did have a stylistic influence so to speak, I always look towards mother nature and my amazing wife for my inspiration. I enjoy breaking down colors and textures and always try to find a way to bring more value and contrast to my art. I was taught the trade of tattooing through a formal apprenticeship and truly do respect tattooing as an art form. The human canvas is amazing to work with. Some prefer a #2 fan brush and acrylic paint I prefer a 13 bugpin magnum needle and tattoo ink.

I am comfortable tattooing color or black and gray and will always work with my customers to develop a lasting piece of art they can take with them their entire lives.