Sean Peters


Sean Peters was born in 1975 in Lansing Michigan, From a very early age art was and still is a very important part of his life. His tattoo career started in 1991 with an apprenticeship and by 1993 he was tattooing full time. Emerging himself in the varied styles and technique. He traveling to various tattoo conventions and guest spots, expanding his knowledge and experience. Gaining him many awards and publications of his work in magazines such as Tattoo, Tattoo Flash, International Tattoo, Skin and Ink, Etc...Around 2000 he began oil painting to break away from traditional tattoo images, furthering his understanding of color and depth. Experimenting in this medium helps him develope the abstract, surreal imagery he is known for today. Sean currently works and co-owns Eclectic Art Tattoo Gallery 615 E michigan, Lansing, MI. (Opened in 2010 with Geary Morrill and Mike Riina)


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