One of my goals has always been to make art my career. Tattooing has given me that opportunity since 2004. I've worked out of Studio 28 Tattoos in Manhattan NYC since March 2013. My style would be considered Illustrative. I like tattooing images that have a sense of realism but I also use graphic elements like bold lines, stippling, and bold coloring and shading when the piece calls for it. I also really enjoy to replicate existing artwork like paintings, drawings, and sketches from old and modern masters on skin. It’s a fun challenge to keep the details as close to the original while still making it work as a tattoo that will hold up over time.

 Please note: I do not copy tattoos that are already done on other people. When you bring in a picture of a tattoo you have seen that you like, please don't expect to get that same image with the same details and shading on your tattoo. I can take that idea and create a piece that will be made specifically for you. Custom work takes time to prepare so contact me as soon as possible with your ideas to get a unique and well planed out tattoo. Also, please remember that good and detailed tattoos take some time to do. I cannot rush my process of tattooing because the area is very painful or you only have a limited time to sit. Please plan ahead and I humbly thank you for considering me to create your next tattoo for you!