Mischa MatulichMischa was brought into this world on the seventh day of the second month, 1984.
He was raised in the outskirts of Auburn, Ca in the small town of Ophir. There he spent most of his days skateboarding and causing mischief. During Mischa’s teen years, he got into punk rock, tattoos and traveling. At age 21 he left the U.S. to go live and travel though Europe for one of the most exciting years of his life. Mischa came back from Europe determined to learn the art of tattooing. He contacted an old friend named Cory Norris, who had done most of Mischa’s tattoos, and asked if he could learn how to tattoo. After spending a year and a half watching, and hanging around the shop, Cory took Mischa on as an apprentice. Therefrom, Mischa spent every waking moment at the tattoo shop learning his trade. Now, Mischa tattoos along side Cory and friends at Classic Tattoo loving every minute of his growing career.