Meet Mike DeVries, a highly skilled tattoo artist from Southern California's San Fernando Valley. With a professional career that began in 2003, Mike discovered his passion for color realism and has since dedicated himself to refining his craft. His portfolio showcases his expertise in realistic animals, movie characters, gaming themes, and 3D mini tattoos.

As the proud owner of MD Tattoo Studio in Northridge, CA, Mike stays busy not only with creating stunning tattoos but also with developing innovative products. His latest creations include MD Wipe Outz, advanced tattoo towels that outshine traditional paper towels, and Cleansing Tattoo Wipes, designed for easy aftercare. Mike is also involved in Memento Publishing, promoting books that embody the artistic lifestyle. As a co-founder of Stencil Stuff products, he constantly strives to improve the tattoo industry.

If you're looking for an exceptional tattoo experience, Mike DeVries is now accepting appointments for realistic tattoos in both color and black and grey. To book your session, simply fill out the contact form.